Managed WiFi Services

Cloud-managed wireless is growing three times faster than the wireless LAN market as a whole.

Why you need

Why you need Cloud managed Wi-Fi

Lower IT Costs

Get a predictable monthly operational cost (Opex), rather than capital expenditures (Capex) for various moves, adds, changes, and unpredictable system failures. Reduce equipment failures, ensure consistent maintenance and security, and perform quicker and less-costly repairs.

Choosing closed software and hardware technologies can lead to huge OpEx, which might increase CapEx very quickly. Nonetheless, the movement of Open-Source is gaining momentum in the networking space. Enterprises are moving towards software-defined networks developed on open-standards.

This means that organizations are not locked into a single vendor when purchasing networking equipment, which can be a substantial cost-saver factor.

The more complex networks become, the more they cost to operate and maintain. A multi-vendor software can solve these difficulties because it lets you choose to work with different brands and models, including your WiFi devices.

Increase Productivity

Relieve your current IT resources by eliminating the need for onsite wireless support. Proactively discover and remediate technical issues before employee workflow is affected.

Improve customer loyalty and employee productivity by offering WiFi in your business. Managed WiFi provides a complete, end-to-end WiFi service that frees you from the burden and cost of setting up and managing a wireless network, liberating you to focus on key priorities. Cloud Managed WiFi fits all types of Wireless LAN (WLAN) needs, whether for a small site or branch, a large facility or campus, or a distributed multi-site business.

Improve Security

Network sensors, software, and applications work together to identify complications and rogue APs, sending auto-alerts and isolating the issue when a problem is detected. Automatically maintain security and software updates, keeping your critical business data protected.

Making your network open and accessible to a vast number of users and devices can lead to serious security gaps. A managed WLAN service offers a layered security structure – centralized authentication infrastructure to control access to the network, automatic tracking of all users and devices and wireless intrusion detection, prevention, and mitigation.

Analytics and Reporting

Get real-time analysis of security incidents or breakdowns and utilize customer feedback, reports and data to improve business decision making.

XCLOUD’s Insightful Analytics system assists telco operators in providing insightful data obtained through the use of analytics. It helps businesses grow while identifying areas of opportunity, address areas of pain-points, and enhances decision-making criteria.

XCLOUD harnesses the data obtained through multiple sensors, correlates and enriches the data across various data sources, performs analytics, and provides a meaningful report that shall increase customer understanding, customer behavioral patterns, and significant customer engagement opportunities.

Superior Support

Eliminate the need to worry about equipment maintenance and software upgrades. Managed wireless IT support will remediate issues with speed, skill and efficiency.

Outsourced wireless systems provide completely smooth and seamless connectivity for all users – from the employees to guests and visitors. Employees can now expect to walk into their office building and link instantaneously with the enterprise WLAN and guests are provided easy access within minutes – without compromising on security!

The last few years have seen the corporate work culture changing drastically. Employees no longer sit for hours in front of their desktops; mobile devices and laptops allow people to move freely and work from anywhere in the building. This dynamic work culture is perfect for enhancing teamwork and nurturing innovation and an enhanced WLAN ecosystem is an essential component of this new work environment.




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Tested and tried it in our own infrastructure. We have installed Ubiquiti networks for many of our local neighbors and businesses, including in our own business. We use the same products we recommend to our customers.


Customizable Solution

UniFi WiFi is completely customizable based on the size of your home or business environment without any geographical limitation. Only cloud is the limit for deployment and management.


We can manage it for you

Cloud managed tooll is build-in and isolated from access your network. Concentrate on your work we manage it for you.


Handles small to big business

With Cloud-managed Wi-Fi, even small IT departments can remotely and easily add new users and wireless access points (APs), administer guest networks and even manage entire Wi-Fi-enabled buildings and campuses.

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