Managed Endpoint Security

Protects desktops, laptops, servers, and fixed-function devices from malicious internal and external threats.

Protect Your Devices

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Endpoint Protection Components


  • File, mail, and web threat protection against known, unknown and advanced malware threats
  • Ransomware and exploit prevention to track vulnerable applications
  • Remediation engine to roll-back cryptolocker damage
  • Firewall to block unauthorized network connections
  • Easy deployment across a customer’s network
  • One clicks endpoint installation from within Xcloud
  • Receive alerts when something is wrong

    Security Management and Control

  • Cloud Discovery
  • Protection for Microsoft Office 365
  • Web control
  • Device control
  • Patch management
  • Encryption management (Windows BitLocker, macOS FileVault)
  • Endpoint, email and disk encryption to prevent data exfiltration.
  • Proactive web security to ensure safe browsing on the web.
  • Data classification and data loss prevention to prevent data loss and exfiltration.
  • Endpoint security software.
  • Integrated firewall to block hostile network attacks.
We Offer

What you get


Meets requirements

Prevent mistakes — and scale

  • Alerts you to potential errors
  • Ensure software licensing compliance
  • Prevent risky behaviour on endpoints
  • Unlimited scalability


Mix and complex environments by

  • Mitigating the risk from vulnerabilities & unencrypted PCs
  • Server hardening
  • Stopping mobile users
  • Stopping known TTPs

Reduces the number of events

To free-up time to spend on critical issues

  • Automated EDR
  • Nrew SaaS offering
  • Smooth upgrades between versions
  • System management

What makes our service unique?


Protect against today’s threats

Prevent disruption and damage to the business by reducing the risk of both commodity attacks and more complex cyberthreats


Lower human factor

Reduce the opportunities for human error and omission by employing granular controls and automated processes


Minimize team workload

Maximize your ROI by automating routine tasks, so more incidents can be processed faster, without increasing manpower costs

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99AEDServer Monthly
29AEDNetwork Device Monthly
39AEDWorkstation Monthly
99AEDServer Monthly
29AEDNetwork Device Monthly
100AEDWorkstation Monthly
300AEDServer Monthly
80AEDNetwork Device Monthly
100AEDWorkstation Monthly
300AEDServer Monthly
230AEDWorkstation Monthly
150AEDNetwork Device Monthly
750AEDServer Monthly
230AEDWorkstation Monthly
150AEDNetwork Device Monthly

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