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Why Information Security Governance is Needed

    Cybersecurity Strategy Development

IT security governance is the system by which an organization directs and controls IT security. IT security governance should not be confused with IT security management. IT security management is concerned with making decisions to mitigate risks; governance determines who is authorized to make decisions.

Information security is an integral part of enterprise governance, that should be aligned with IT governance and integrated into strategy, concept, design, implementation and operation. Protecting critical information must constitute one of the major tasks to be considered in management strategies, and should also be recognized as a crucial contributor to success.

XCLOUD offers Information Security Governance and Risk management based on our Governance & Assurance Framework, to meet an organization’s specific needs and compliance requirements.

Organizational structures, roles and responsibilities, performance measurement, defined tasks, and oversight mechanisms are smoothly integrated with the organization’s business to elevate the trustworthiness of its information assets.

    Information Security Compliance Management

Establishment of an Information Security Management System Framework is a combine of roles, responsibilities, policies, procedures and guidelines that are essential to ensure an optimum level of information security management in alignment with the business objectives of the organization.

XCLOUD Information Security Compliance Management utilizes a Risk-based approach that is closely aligned with the legislative and contractual obligations, service level agreements, customer expectations, best practices and relevant external requirements that the organization needs to comply with.

    Cybersecurity Risk Management

Higher education information systems continue to be subject to a large number of security threats. The ability to secure the gamut of intuitional IT resources and data has become a compelling and increasingly urgent need.

Risk management is the ongoing process of identifying information security risks and implementing plans to address them. Often, the number of assets potentially at risk exceeds the resources available to manage them. It is therefore extremely important to know where to apply available resources to mitigate risk in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

XCLOUD delivers a customized strategy based on the characteristics and requirements of each organization in alignment with the enterprise risk management and organizational risk appetite, while providing the required risk management support processes to effectively manage and mitigate the risk.

    IT Service Management System Establishment

Security products, tools, managed services, and consultants are purchased and deployed in a consistent and informed manner, using an established, documented process.

Implementation of the policies, processes and supporting procedures required to plan, deliver, operate and control IT services offered to internal and external customers of the organization.

The outcome will enable the organization to go seek independent certification that will provide assurance to customers and business partners. We focus on the effective implementation and adoption of IT Service Management and practical alignment with the defined processes.

    Integrated Management System Establishment

XCLOUD help to organizations in consolidating their efforts and unifying their objectives by integrating the requirements and processes of multiple management systems into a single easy to use framework.

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